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Idea for Pokemon Ruby  as well as Sapphire
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Idea for Pokemon Ruby as well as Sapphire

Friday, March 13, 2015 5:01 pm - 8:01 pm
Navassa Island
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Enter the unknown cave without the Pokémon organization

You have to have cs air travel and after that go surfing in Cramois-island and also surf. Grab a Ectoplasmic, train him to level ONE HUNDRED as well as a Pidgeot at ONE HUNDRED, go to the cave known: there will be the guard.

How to reach secret yard of Leo

Initially, go next to the residence of Leo to Azuria. There are 2 pools close to his home; goes to that to your left as well as reverse for 10 rounds, after visiting our home of Leo, focuses on him for 5 rounds, and you will head out in the garden of Leo.

To have a green Pikachu

Only on Video game kid color. Get a Pikachu and also call PIKAFAN. The Pikachu will be eco-friendly.

How you can capture HOUHOU
We should begin once again and take part Bulbasaur then capture a Caterpie in the Jade Forest Bulbasaur then exchange against a Rattata as well as make the entire adventure with merely the 2 Pokémon and also Board of 4 Peter will provide you at 100.

How have MEW.

Do not take place the Oceane prior to. Casino (Céladolpole) there is key. Take the bypass and the Oceane (Pallet Town) with browse method, there is a vehicle. Open it as well as there Mew.


Provide Chansey pension as well as leave a pile hour. Back and egg Chansey will certainly be a Toguépy.

The best ways to catch a GYARADOS No. 120

To record a Gyarados No. 120 (red variation just): go to the unknown cavern. At the location where there is Mewtwo, go to the tiny scale angling with Mega walking stick. Extremely seldom, angling Leviators 120, so determination is required, yet they are extremely strong.

Capturing MEWTWO at will ONE HUNDRED degree

First you call Thibaud early in the video game, after that when you obtain Cs Cs burglary as well as surfing visit Viridian City and talk to the old guy clarifies the best ways to record Pokémon, let the make as well as go to Cinnabar and also go east as well as swim to shore. If you apercever a level ONE HUNDRED Mewtwo, get it, otherwise it's either a Muk is a Akwakwak. Precaution: this method could plunge the Game Kid, then back to Cinnabar.

Having MEW

Machoke must be provided the woman of the pension plan. You return in a little while, you return as well as you said

Phantom computer

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In Celadopole, there is a resort in the reduced town. You could not stay due to the fact that you Pokémon, there is no usage, but when you go right, the ideal wall surface there is a ghost in the computer system edge.
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